A World Opportunity
Canada's Immigrant Investor Programs

  • A World Opportunity together with the National Bank Financial in Montreal
  • We are certified Agent of National Bank Financial, Montreal
  • We serve Investors who are interested to immigrate to Canada
    • Either to the Quebec Investor programme ore to the
    • Canada Immigrant Investor programme
  • Pre Check will be done by our Agents in cooperation with National Bank Financial, Montreal
  • After having fulfilled the Eligibility Requirements (download) we will arrange the direct contact to the responsible Agents in National Bank together with their lawyers.
  • Canada has a lot of benefits and advantages for immigrants:
    • The World’s most valued Citizenship
    • The most welcoming Country in the world
    • The best place in the world to do business
    • The World’s Soundest Banking System
    • A world of democratic values
    • A world of excellent education
    • A world of universal Health care

Contact: Mag. Dr. Harald Rohrer
E-Mail: rohrer@rohrerinternational.com

Download: Eligibility Requirements.pdf